Your Privacy Matters to the Empowered Women's Circle

Our goal is to make sure you know how we collect, use, share and store your personal data when you create an EWC member's account, sign up to Blossom, subscribe to our blog and visit covered by this privacy policy.

What data does the Empowered Women's Circle collect?

We ask for personal data — such as your name, email address, phone number and other information — so you can sign into your accounts, receive personalized support, EWC content, purchased products and updates.

Why does the Empowered Women's Circle ask for your personal data?

From contacting you with health & wellness information to providing you with individual support, any information we ask you for is used to improve your experience with the Empowered Women's Circle.

Does the Empowered Women's Circle sell your data?

No! We don’t sell your personal data to anyone. And we only share your personal data with others in specific situations & with your permission.

How can I request to view, update or delete my personal data?

To view and update your personal information, log in to your member's account and use the "My Account" section to edit your name, phone number or email. If you wish to delete your account along with your personal data, contact

If you do not have a member's account and would like your personal information updated or deleted, please contact