A Journey to Wholeness



Harmony—Unity—Community For Military Families
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***All sessions recorded if you cannot attend live

Women hold so much in their loving arms and make the world go around for their children, spouses, family and community. Yet, often find themselves overwhelmed, exhausted and feeling alone.


Through dialogue with military spouses and in partnership with MFS, Reclaim & Renew provides structure and support through 2 highly valuable, convenient, on-line programs available anywhere, anytime.


First, with Reclaim Your Life, we learn practices that cultivate reconnection to authentic confidence, deepen core values, set heart-felt intentions and establish nurturing self-care routines that will serve you through any challenge. The modules encourage self-reflection and reevaluation of where you are, where you are going and how to get there. It’s time to reclaim your life!


Next, we take a A Journey to Rediscover Intimacy. In thoughtful conversation, you will gain deeper understanding of your role in relationships and effective ways to communicate your needs to ensure they are met. The modules will have us laughing our way through some very sexy topics intended to infuse fun and playfulness into your home (and your bedroom)!


To ensure success, deeper support involves a private one-on-one session to identify personal intentions and ensure individual progress – Dr. Hansen cannot wait to meet you!


This beautiful bundle includes membership in the Empowered Women’s Circle Diamond Membership for an even greater sense of community, inclusion, support and love. The membership is broken down into 3 month blocks that have a different focus and are structured to ensure consistent personal progress.

Coming Soon
All sessions recorded if you cannot attend live

Integration Week 

Reclaim YOUR Life

"Taking the best of yourself into your relationship"

  • Are you ready to take it home?

  • Integration practices, strategies that stick & conversations that matter

  • Let's talk! 


Rediscover/Uncover Them

"Two Different Operating Systems"

  • They want a solution; you want a connection

  • Shared decision making and having your voice heard

  • Underlying motives that will explain everything 


Conquer or Submit

"Communication is Key"

  • Why we push them away when we really need them close  

  • Modern world, new perspective & how it all fits together  

  • Mission critical - making times of separation work 


Sex & Sustainability

"Leaving a Legacy of Love"

  • Making it last…forever  

  • Shared parenting, shared projects, sharing time  

  • Sex, fun (and how to manage inevitable struggles)  



Getting to know each other

  • Shared commitments

  • Understanding what to expect

  • How to use the Reclaim & Renew course page

  • Join our online community

  • The EWC Blossoming Process


Rediscover You

"Your true north"

  • What are you aligned with & how does it guide your life  

  • Powerful practices to build self-worth, self-confidence & self-responsibility  

  • Become a co-creator of life on your terms 


Renew You

"A healthy lifestyle that fits"

  • Taking care of your health & well-being  

  • Self-care is a priority but when & how?  

  • Physical health is only one aspect of wellness 


A New You

"Whole-hearted Wellness"

  • Stress - how it impacts, how to respond & the “up” side

  • Restorative sleep is foundational 

  • Making a daily plan that will serve you (and everyone you love) 


"Catherine consistently offers solid, fact-based information that she delivers it in a calm, measured way, inspiring trust for everyone involved. Our group sessions include work within a supportive community with thoughtful discussion and reliable, well researched guidance. I find the environment she cultivates very supportive and empowering and the women she attracts are committed to improving themselves AND supporting other women. 


Catherine is highly supportive of all the women and whole-heartedly shares the journey with us. She is always genuine, upfront and does her research. Her expertise and background in medicine, women's issues and practical experience as a military spouse combined with her thoughtful, engaged approach have provided a positive influence in my life."  


– Jennifer Hockey, MFS Outreach Coordinator, Hawaii, US

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Katrina, Maryland

Military life can leave spouses struggling and it can challenge marriages. It may leave you struggling with your identity as you have spent many years accommodating somebody else’s career. But whether you feel your struggles are with yourself or with your marriage, there is something for you in this course. It has provided me with insight that has allowed me to take action to be where I want to be in my life.


I really enjoyed being a part of the program. I’ve learned a lot about myself and I would recommend it to any of my friends. I liked the fact that the group was formed with military spouses in the US. I felt we were sharing the same challenges and we had a better understanding of each other


What an amazing program course to take! For us as women to be able to take a beautiful journey into knowing ourselves on a deeper level & to love ourselves on a deeper level, which in turn flows deeper connections into our intimate relationships in such an amazing way. Thank you for an absolutely wonderful course & for new daily practices that have been life changing!


After 20 years practicing medicine, Dr. Hansen is expanding beyond the office walls to help women rediscover the inner peace and outer joy of Reclaiming Life! 


With hot and juicy information to share, she gives engaging presentations on topics that no one wants to cover but everyone needs to know. She has been interviewed by multiple media outlets, runs a Woman to Woman column, shares a revealing Wellness Blog and has created several community and on-line programs that reach out with powerful, useable, safe and effective health and wellness information for women of all ages and stages of life.

Dr.Hansen completed a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology followed by a fellowship in Sexual Health, a certification in Menopause and a strong alignment with an integrative approach to care. After realizing her passion to educate, she completed a Master of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University and has witnessed life-changing results as a Certified Transformational Coach and Facilitator.

Married to Canadian Astronaut, Jeremy Hansen, and blessed with 3 incredible teens (a son and twin girls), the entire family enjoys outdoor life, night swimming and watching for satellites among the stars.

Board Certified OB/GYN (U.S. and Canada)

NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner

Certified Transformational Coach, Facilitator, Leader & Speaker

Founder of the Empowered Women’s Circle

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